Petar Strugar


Petar was born in Cetinje in Montenegro, because Budva doesn't have maternity hospital of its own. His father, Vladimir, is a former volleyball coach and his mother, Dragana, was an accountant. Petar grew up on Adriatic coast, in Budva, where he went to elementary school "Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa". Later he enrolled into high school "JUSMS Danilo Kis", wanting to become a seaman or professional volleyball player when he grows up. While attending high school he got a job as a drummer in a local marching band and as an actor and skit writer in a local TV teenage series named "Cool". Thanks to this Petar enrolled into his high-school drama section. All the while he trained for a professional volleyball player. After he graduated high school, his drama teacher begged him to try to enroll into Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. But the time was short, only five days till entrance exam, so Peter decided to go for Maritime Faculty in Kotor, department of Nautics. But thespian demons didn't leave Petar alone, so the next day he went to Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, and though he didn't learn his lines nor what he was supposed to do the professors panel recognized his talent and accepted him. He began his studies in drama, but while attending his third year he was offered a role in a motion picture that would be shot in Belgrade. Peter went on a casting that turned into a month of traveling back and forth from Cetinje to Belgrade, while simultaneously preparing a stage play in Cetinje. So he would travel to Belgrade by night, on a train, do casting, and then return to Cetinje during the day and went on rehearsals. One of the requirements for him to get the motion picture role was that he would have to learn how to play football and master the Serbian accent. So he froze his studies in Montenegro and moved to Belgrade full time. After perfecting the two Petar got the role of Blagoje "Mosa" Marjanovic in Dragan Bjelogrlic's "Montevideo: Taste of a Dream" (2010), for which he got an award. He played the same role in sequel "See You in Montevideo" (2014). The part of Mosa launched young Petar to stardom. After finishing the two "Montevideo" movies and eponymous TV series, Strugar guest starred in local TV series. But cinema audiences wanted more of the young actor. He got the lead role in hit comedy "Little Buddho" (2014) for which he mastered a rhoticism and got an extra weight of 20 kg (about 40 pounds). Next year he got the role of underground fighter Vladica, in action-comedy "The Samurai in Autumn" (2016) for which he turned the extra weight into muscles. The movie was not as well received as Strugar's previous feature, but everyone praised his transformation and talent. Sometime later Petar got a recurring role on Croatian soap "Prava zena" and a cameo in Nikola Kojo's "Stado" (2016). Now he resides in Belgrade, where he's preparing to become a member of an international stunt team as an actor-stuntman.

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Montevideo, Bog te video! cijeli film Montevideo, Bog te video! cijeli film (2010) December 20, 2010