Nenad Stojanovski


He was a theater, film and television actor. After having had membership of the Children's radio-drama and the "Cactus" experimental amateur drama band and "At St. Nikita, the Poor" and upon graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Nenad Stojanovski appeared on the stage of the Theater of Drama in Skopje and he was a guest on many other stages. His appearances as a guest at the Dubrovnik and Split summer festivals as well as in numerous projects of the Drama of the Macedonian National Theater should be noted. He was awarded many prestigious federal and republic prizes and won much recognition: two "Sterija" prizes; the "11th of October" the highest social recognition of Macedonia; the "Mlad Borec" (Young Fighter) prize; the "Ekran" (Screen) magazine prize for the most popular film and TV personality and recognition at the "Vojdan Chernodrinski" Theater Festival in Prilep. In 1985 he was declared an actor of the year according to the "Ekran" (Screen) magazine and was awarded the "Dnevnik" (News) newspaper's prize from Novi Sad, the "Golden Medal" at the Theater Festivities in Shabac for his role in the performance "Tower of Vavilon". Nenad Stojanovski has imposed himself as the most exciting acting appearance in Macedonia in the past ten years.

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Caruga cijeli film Čaruga cijeli film (1991) April 11, 1991