Milos Stojanovic


Milos Stojanovic (born 1968 in Belgrade, Serbia) is a Producer, Director, Screenwriter and Actor. Studied acting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, before going on to graduate from the University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad Academy of Arts ('92). Since 1993., he's a CEO of a production company SPIF - Studio Of Theatre And Film, especially proud of it's biggest project, hit-documentary "Saban" ("Shaban"), that was shown in more than 30 film festivals worldwide. "Saban" is a story about Saban Bajramovic, one of the biggest vocals of Roma music in history, shot in Serbia, Bosnia, France and Switzerland. Milos was the only author ever that managed to follow mostly reclusive King of Gypsy Music. The movie is still shown in film festivals, 6 years after it's premiere. Milos was a director of party political broadcast films: Director of "Organised citizens observing the electoral process", within the context of the successful 2000 parliamentary election campaign of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS); "10 rounds of observer training", produced by Freedom House; and director of the 2000 FR Yugoslavia (SCG) Presidential campaign of Milan Panic - head of ICN Galenika (pharmaceuticals). Milos is employed in an acting capacity at theaters across the former Yugoslavia, including Belgrade's Zvezdara Theatre, Dusko Radovic Theatre, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Atelje 212 and the National Theatre in Belgrade. Member of the Nis Actors Festival Council 2003/5. Directed and starred in the long-running (more than 250 performances) theatre play "Katarina in tears" at Belgrade's Dusko Radovic Theatre, as well as the play "Let us hug Folleville" at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. Employed in continuance since 2002 with acting roles (300+ performances) for Dusan Kovacevic's plays "Dr Cobbler" and "Larry Thompson", at Belgrade's Zvezdara Theatre.

Filmovi u kojima je glumio

Ime filma Datum objave
mala nocna muzika cijeli film Mala noćna muzika cijeli film (2002) August 22, 2002
profesionalac cijeli film Profesionalac cijeli film (2003) May 21, 2003