Lazar Ristovski


Lazar Ristovski is a famous Serbian actor, director, producer and writer. He has appeared on stage about 4000 times, and starred in over 40 films, TV series and TV dramas, mostly in lead roles. He was born into a family of Yugoslav colonists, his father being born in Macedonia and his mother in Montenegro. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Belgrade as an actor. Lazar Ristovski is a natural born actor. That is not shown only by a formal fact that he had more 4000 performances in all forms and in all genres of cinematic poetic. It is primary shown by a fact that he had with the same spiritual strength and brilliant impressiveness and autonomous authenticity played wondrous antinomies of Hamlet as well as incredible, almost ingenious stunts of the spirit in the writings of Gombrowicz, Aleksandar Popovic and the outstanding Dusan Kovacevic, as he also did in the first of his ingenious kinds in Moliere's incredibly jovial kandidorian expressions. Ristovski is, of course, a spirit with that formation which falls into mental tissue of a giant from Jasna Poljana, as well as the greatest of the greatest that is, Dostoevsky, and the dark ones, but also great ones - Ibsen and Strindberg. There is no theoretical assumption which could point out to any kind of mental system of a magnificent writer's spirit which Ristovski couldn't carry out in a voluminously exclusive, authentically introspective and psychologically suggestive manner and expressive form.

Filmovi u kojima je glumio

Ime filma Datum objave
Kralj Petar I cijeli film online (2018) December 5, 2018
Hajde da se volimo 3 dio (1990) November 19, 1990
Hajka cijeli film (1977) June 29, 1977
Dobro uštimani mrtvaci cijeli film (2005) September 28, 2005