Bora Todorovic


Bora Todorovic was born in Belgrade, in the teacher's family which was first led by service to Milanovac. He had lost his father there during his childhood and then the family moved to Arandjelovac. Then followed going to Belgrade, secondary school and army service. He had not dreamed about acting but he was imperceptible bitten by this profession fever, since his elder sister Mira Stupica, had already been considerably infected with this fever. On Belgrade Drama Arts Academy he was taught secrets of craft in class of Jozo Laurencic, together with Ljuba Tadic and Slobodan 'Cica' Perovic. His first theatre engagement was in Belgrade Drama Theatre. When Mira and her husband Bojan Stupica had got engagement in Zagreb, Bora went with them and for four years (1957-1961) he spent there he got his self-confidence playing great and significant roles. After that he came back in Belgrade, in Atelje 212, where was roles like: "Arsenic and Old Laces" by Kesselring, "Maratonci trce pocasni krug" and "Radovan III" by Dusan Kovacevic, "Cudo u Sarganu" by Ljubomir Simovic... We remember series such as Radjanje radnog naroda (1969), Ceo zivot za godinu dana (1971), Diplomci (1971) ... His work on movie, after debut in U mrezi (1956), really started with Prague school directors breakthrough - Goran Paskaljevic, Goran Markovic, Slobodan Sijan. He played in Ko to tamo peva (1980), Montenegro (1981), Maratonci trce pocasni krug (1982), Balkan ekspres (1983), Balkanski spijun (1984) and finally Dom za vesanje (1988) by Emir Kusturica where his magnificent talent was fully expressed. The whole decade (1986-1996) Bora was absent from stage and his come-back was in "Lari Tompson, tragedija jedne mladosti" by Dusan Kovacevic in Zvezdara Theatre in Belgrade. Last years, Bora Todorovic spent in Prague and Belgrade, with his wife and three children.

Filmovi u kojima je glumio

Ime filma Datum objave
profesionalac cijeli film Profesionalac cijeli film (2003) May 21, 2003
Balkanski špijun cijeli film (1984) October 8, 1987
Dom za vješanje cijeli film Dom za vješanje cijeli film (1983) November 30, 1990
Balkan ekspres cijeli film (1983) January 24, 1983
Ko to tamo peva cijeli film (1980) June 30, 1980